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Here is a short diary about my activity to compile and run Android 4.0 ICS.

I just try to write every step down and note the things I found out during the process.

Step 1: Get VMware and a new Ubuntu VM image

I downloaded the actual version of VMware player. It usually worked fine for me:


I chose this Ubuntu image:


Step 2: Setup the development envirionment

A good point to start seams to be the Android Open Source web site.

I had to setup my VM and install all packages that are required to build Android ICS from scratch. There are really good installation instructions on source.android.com.

Step 3: Get the source, Luke

I just had to follow the download instructions on the Android Open Source web site to get the source of the Android platform version I wanted to build.


Note: The download with „repo sync“ fininshed sometimes with „out of memory“ errors. Increasing the memory of the Ubuntu VM to 3GB helped to fix this problem.


Note 2: Because I use Ubuntu 11.10 I can only build the master branch for some reasons, so I had to initialize the repository using „repo init -b master“

Step 4: Build

Building everything is quite easy done with „make“. I used „make -j2“ to build 2 jobs parallel. This took quite a long time. I didn’t measure the time. The build stopped again with linker errors due to out of memory errors. I decreased the memory for the VM meantime because I wanted to do other tasks during the build. Setting the memory to 2.5GB helped to fix this problem again.

Step 5: Run the emulator

Finally I got a complete Android 4.0.3 full build that runs in the emulator. I didn’t want to build for a device for the first time.

Thats it so far. It was really easy to build everything from scratch but now I have to try to get it onto a real device…


I’m going to get the ICS source and build everything from scratch this evening. I haven’t built a Linux based operating system for years and I hope I didn’t forget too much.

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Grade habe ich in der S-Bahn ein Plakat von Frida und Anneliese gesehen:


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Ahoi! Ich habe ein neues Blog gestartet, das ich an Stelle von Facebook zum Posten von Artikeln und Bildern verwenden will. Ich habe so das Gefühl, dass meine Daten hier besser aufgehoben sind und ich eine bessere Kontrolle darüber behalte, als wenn ich alles direkt in die schöne bunte Facebook-Welt hinausrufe. Mal sehen, wie sich das so bewährt.

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